Using the Space in Your Photos – Digital Photography Tips

Digital photography has lots of different components to it. There are the technical parts and the compositional parts. And in these compositional parts there is another part…the space. Space is something that can make or break a photo when used. You can use it to take much better shots. This article will show you digital photography tips for using space right.What are these different types of space?There is, first off, negative space. This basically is all the space that is around the subject you are taking a picture of. All of your photos have negative space. Many people think of the space around the subject as unimportant but this is wrong. Using the negative properly can make for much more interesting shots.For example, most people take shots and isolate the subject to a blank background. This makes the shot simple and more compositionally sound. However, a blank background does nothing to add more meaning to the photo. It in no way helps define the message and concept of the photo.Using negative space properly can make for much better shots. Proper use of this space can make your photos much more powerful and captivating. For example, if you have a photo of a person praying behind a blank background it’ll look fine. However, put the subject behind a war field or a church and the surrounding space adds more meaning.Positive space is also important. This is the space that comprises of the subject of interest. You can use lots of this space or a little. Using a photo that is mostly positively spaced will make the subject look much closer and intimate. A shot with little positive space will make the subject look less important and less powerful.The space of your photo is very strong. Practice and you will start seeing that this is true.

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