10 Tips For Creating Home Business Marketing Videos

Are you interested in marketing your home based business with video? You are not alone. Many people are using video to reach more prospects, generate leads and produce more sales online.

This video will provide you with 10 tips for creating home business marketing videos.

Why create a video?

Video is one of the most effective forms of online marketing today because it’s the only thing that enables your prospect to ‘look you in the eyes’ and connect with you on a deeper level than article marketing or any other form of marketing can offer.

The average internet user has been ‘trained’ since birth to get their sources of information through video on television, movies etc so it’s not hard to connect with people and get your message across when you produce a great video.

What type of camera do you need to have to create a video?

You can create a video with a webcam, video camera or cell phone. Each camera type will work great especially since the average portable device usually comes with an awesome built in video camera and software for you to easily upload the video to your favorite video site or transfer it to you transfer it to your computer for editing.

Hardware & Software

Most computers, especially PC’S come with preloaded software that you can use to create videos. Windows Movie Maker is by far one of the easiest programs to use to create movies and best of all you probably have it loaded on your computer already so it’s not going to be hard for you to get started.

One you’re ready to get started here are the 10 tips that you need to follow to create great videos.

1. Set up the area that you intend to shoot your video – Be sure to use proper lighting and a plain background. This step is important because many people create poorly lit videos where their faces can’t be seen and the backgrounds are distracting and take the focus off the person who’s talking in the video.

2. Be natural and imagine yourself talking to a friend – If you take a conversational approach this will work better than trying to act like a salesperson and ‘sell’ the viewer.

3. Use a good microphone – You can find a low cost microphone online or at your favorite electronics store. I recommend getting a microphone that you can clip to your shirt or collar so it will be as close to your mouth as possible. Having a great microphone is important because you want people to be able to clearly hear your marketing message.

4. Smile and act friendly – This is an important step to remember because people are first and foremost going to be joining you before they join your business opportunity and you want to win them over with your positive attitude and energy.

5. Don’t use big words – Keeping the dialogue in your video simple will help you to get your marketing message across more clearly than using words that are complicated and leave people scratching their heads wondering what you just said.

6. Create a script – Knowing what you’re going to say and sticking with it is another way to add a professional quality to your videos. Many people neglect to do this and take the ‘shoot from the hip’ approach when producing their videos and they always look bad

7. Keep the video short and to the point – Many people won’t want to sit through a long video unless you have someone famous appearing in your video or a unique hook to hold their interest.

8. After you shoot your video be sure to watch it right away – Many people don’t watch their own videos and it shows. If you take the time to view your work you’ll find errors that can be easily corrected before you finish and upload it.

9. Include links in your video – This is an important step for any marketing video because if a viewer is interested in your opportunity you want to give them a place to click so you don’t lose that traffic.

10. To get the most out of your marketing video you should consider using video submission services because they will help you to get more views for your video and increase your marketing exposure.

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